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. to my friends!" Williams grinned jovially. "And I'll call you Stan... Okay?... And, your lovely wife... ?" Lois..." Stan supplied, noticing that the...other man's eyes swept like a lingering caress over her body."... And, I'm Vivian!" Her smile was dazzling.It didn't take them long to get organized. Cameras and light sweaters were loaded into the Williams' car, which was quickly and easily unhitched from the trailer, and the two couples were off to do the things tourists do.They followed the. She smiled a cummy smile at him and felt his dick remain hard in her small pumping hand. "Mmmmmmmm, I love how you stay hard for mommy, Bradley, I love how all you young, hung studs stay hard for me," she growled, sliding up to impale herself on her son's big dick. "I love you all ... "Bradley shut his eyes again trying not to think that the incredibly tight, hot and wet cunt so mercilessly working his cock belonged to his mom. He thought of the other boys in her life, his friends, and how they. .. lure them into Shreveport and whisper to the wolfpack there that they killed Marcus. Before the Sparrows realized what was up, they’d be up to their necks in werewolves!” Calliope suggested before something like that could even occur to me.“Okay, but we get to do one last orgy, right?” Clio proposed.“Naturally. You like those orgies, don’t you? You’re going to miss them! We’ll have to find a way to make sure that more of them happen even after Maryann is gone! They are a lot of fun, with or. .ahhhh..." Ah found it!" the construction worker shouted. "I knew it was downwardsin the plot."To his left, the shrubbery started to shake and a moment later a teenagegirl in shredded clothes appeared."What the hell?" she cursed. "Why am I a girl now?" I take it you were the boy who just fell down the hole?" the workerinquired."I-" The girl started but broke off. "Okay, I believe it now. This isnot a prank. Plot-holes are real." Calm down Miss," the worker urged her. "Look. My name is Arthur..

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