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She reached in with the tool she had seen the handler use, straining against the balance of the metal to heft the gargantuan beast. Once removed, she it puddle around her feet, admiring the soft yellow skin and vicious predatory snout. The snake began to move almost immediately, encircling her delicate ankles. She laughed to herself. You like me too, huh? she chuckled nervously as the snake continued its own lazy dance. It stretched up, around her calves, and she decided to let it continue.. " No, you get your cute ass out here! Show off that hot bod!"Somewhat reluctantly, I walk out and meet her in front of the three-way mirror in the sitting area. "Fuck, you look awesome!" "Really?" I ask, trying to see all sides in the mirror. I notice my surgery scars on my upper thighs right away, and trace them with my fingers."Stop that," Carrie says, brushing my hands away. "Be proud of your battle scars. They show what a tough bitch you are!" Oh my." She moves behind me putting her hands. I combed deeply through her pubic hairs then slid the comb as close as I could against one side of her labia. With my right hand I clicked on the electric shaver and grinned as the smelly, sticky hairs fell away. I repeated her fleecing along the other side of her labia then skimmed down the insides of her thighs. I combed and buzzed away the soft down where her rounded little buttocks grew from her crotch then crept back up to her clitoral hood. With her comb as my protective guide I ever. . and all the while holding on to your hips and pulling you toward me, grinding my crotch hard, hard, into your crack and hearing you howl as I pound deep into your ass and fuck the holy hell out of you. I come so damn hard that it feels like the whole fucking universe is exploding. And, it makes me realize just how much I love you, darling." Well, if you put it that way, I guess I sort of understand. I love you too, Gin. But, sometimes it gets a bit much."Oh Lord, what in the hell had he.

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