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I want you to put this phone on the bed, so that it faces that mirror, then you are to place yourself so your back is to the mirror facing the phone.�...� Anna-Brooks did as told, but was a bit sheepish in her movements. “Now pet, it’s OK,” I told her, “Only Mike can see you. Now very seductively, I want you to peel off that underwear. Remember whose you are.” “I’m yours,” she said. That statement seemed to transform her. Standing, Anna-Brooks closed her eyes, ran her hands thru her hair, and. We had to stop every so often so Jose could powder me because the hot lights were making me perspire. The three guys couldn’t help seeing between my legs as I moved around for the camera although Jim didn’t take many pictures like that and would eliminate those from his submission. At least, that’s what he told Joe and I. The shoot lasted several hours and when it was over, Jim gave me a check and said we might have to reshoot a few poses depending on the client’s review. In fact, Jim called. Where did you put thecoin?" It should be in my front right pocket."After reaching into the pocket Maya furiously patted down her pockets."There is nothing in my pockets!"After searching the golf course for a couple hours looking for the coinMaya and Mark decided to call it a night.Mark while walking back said, "I think we just need to keep up appearancesand act like who we're supposed to be. It'll be difficult but let's try notto raise any suspesion. Does that sound like a plan?"Resigned Maya. She claimedthat Mike was having a long affair with Anne Connors and that Jenna wasreally his daughter. She claimed that the thought of George dating hissister was revolting and when she had full custody of George she would takehim away and ensure that he never had anything to do with such immoral andillegal behavior again.The court officers tried their hardest to avoid laughing and after 10minutes Judge Perez tuned Amelia out. She eventually ran out of reasons whyshe should get full custody of.

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