And of course I just had toget a new dress, a really elegant, fancy dress. That meant a shoppingtrip with mother.It was on a Friday after I had gotte... home from school when Mom decidedit would be the best time to go shopping at a high end department storein the local mall. She instructed me to go to my room and change intosomething more ladylike than school clothes as she made for Mike's room. She opened Mike's closet and observed that he didn't have a suit he couldwear to my graduation or to. ” I said, shrugging.“What did I told ya about walking with me?” he barked.“Umm... ‘Always know where ye are, elf?’”“Damn right ye are. So?”“Hm. Unless you lost your way, we should be pretty close to the market, right?”“Aye. So?”I puzzled over his strange behaviour, then it hit me. There were no peddlers trying ot outcry each other. In fact, it was way too quiet, apart from what sounded like a lot of people talking to each other.“No market?” I asked him.“Sounds like. Let’s find out what this is. I wondered what the odds were that I would catch Marsha fooling around on Bill. I was in a part of town that I rarely visited, in a restaurant that I'd never been in before and it was on a night when you would usually find me at the bowling alley two miles from the house.I'd spent the day with a client from out of town and I was supposed to run him out to the airport that afternoon. At the last minute he decided to call the airline and reschedule his flight. There was a friend he hadn't seen in. “How about this daddy, come over here and fuck me.”“Christy, now stop it and put your clothes back on.” I scolded her.She just smiled and walked over to me. She untied my robe and my cock sprang free. She smiled and pulled it off of my shoulders and it fell to the floor. She turned around and bent forward and backed up to me. She pushed against me and I backed up. She kept pushing and I kept backing until my back was against the wall. She pushed her ass up against my cock and started moving it.

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