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I remembered her name was Melissa Tate; I met her again a few years later at the Sunny Tropic contest and had great reunion sex with her.But that's an...ther story. It might even be a better one, but tough shit."Have you seen the way cheerleaders -- especially the little ones -- get tossed around and grabbed?" she was telling me. "You're so little, they could throw you through the roof!"So that was settled. I was athletic; I was "cute." Most importantly, I was fearless. It also gave me an excuse. You know how sensitive your nipples are.” I said to her. “Don’t worry….I’ve got on sun-screen” she replied. I slipped my shorts down and off and jumped into the cool water. We had skinny-dipped quit a few times before, so it was no surprise to my wife. She later joined me, totally naked also. One thing led to another and we started fucking in the water and then out of the water next to the pool. My wife really seemed to be getting a kick out of fucking outdoors and so we did it a lot that. I found a bottle of local red and wiped out a glass. "Wine?" I asked, pouring it out.She accepted, tasted, made a face and held the small glass in both hands."Bit raw," I said, "probably stamped out last year." I went back to hunting. "Got some applejack here someplace." No," she said, "this will do fine. Just get the chill off. Your fire helps." She smiled up at me and I sat on my bed after pulling up the tumbled quilt." I had slept alone the previous night as I usually did when I was there. ”“Parents know about their kids’ parties here? Lame. I bet it’s a bore.”“I think you should check it out. See what the girls your age are all about in this town?” I was trying to spark some interest.“Yeah, okay. Whatever.” He put his napkin on the table and stood to go upstairs to his room.I turned to Bill, “Maybe we should hire him an attendant for his stay here? Keep him calm?”“An attendant?”“Billy, damn! An attendant will dress him, bathe him, tend to his needs.”“Let him piss in her.

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