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”Gwen anxiously said, “Masha please! If you can make my back feel better I would be forever in your debt.”I instructed, “First, I need you on ...his weight bench.”Gwen asked, “Face down or face up?”I replied, “Face up.”Gwen reclined on the weight bench, I positioned her correctly and then applied torsional force to her back. It cracked like small fireworks on the 12 июня (12th of June Russian Independence Day). Then I switched sides, again applied torsional force and the other side of her back. Mene unka haat apne shoulder p rkha or unke kamar ko pkd k unhe bed room m lita diya.Unhe kafi dard tha, mene kha me doctor ko bula leta hu, mene doctor ko call kiya, vo 15 min m aa gye, neha ko chk kiya and unhe kha apki kamar m moch aa gyi h, 4-5 koi bhari saman mat uthana or na jyada ghumna, bs rst krna nd kch dwai de di.Mene unhe rest krne dia or ghr aa gya, nxt day me unke ghr gya, unhone lafi let drwaja khola, I said hi, she said sorry vo kamar m moch h na no thoda chlne m prblm h, I said. “I disagree, Higher Adept,” Crnnch replied, drawing a frown from the Adept.“You believe this to be luck?” came the reply.“No, Higher Adept, I believe this to be a most formidable enemy who are playing us like puppets, they are beyond competent.”“Explain.”“As soon as Hortcha went into the field, all their attacks focussed on him, not, as he believed, because he was close to their ... base, but, because he presented himself as an easy target. He also presumed that their intelligence gathering. Over the course of our conversations and exchange of pictures online, he had soothed away most of my fears, so effectively in fact that I told him that it would be ok to bring a friend, if he liked. I figured, might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb. He brought eight friends, I'm guessing. I had to guess because we had agreed that I would wear a blindfold. Seeing as how all this had already taken place in lurid and graphic detail in my imagination, I figured that it might be easiest if I.

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