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"Answer my damned question!" he yelled. I was freaking out, if i said yes, he would probably beat me up, but if i said no he'd probably go and do it a...yway, so i decided to be honest. "Y-yes.." i whispered, and looked down, I couldn't help but take a glance at his chest before i did. "Well well well, i always thought you were a fucking fag. what kind of guy sits and reads all day? So, you want to suck my cock? Get to it you fucking faggot or i'll tell everyone your little secret!" After saying. Ashley began the process of licking the cum off of Sam. What was with her? It seemed like everything she did here turned her on more. Any other time being asked to do this would have grossed her out but she truly loved it. As she licked the cum off of the area of Sam’s sex, she had to really fight the urge to lick lower instead of following the trail. As she passed over Sam’s tits, she did stop for a moment to suck her nipples. Sam moaned and ask her to move on so they did not get into trouble.. It starts in my sex andradiates out to the rest of my body. I can’t help buttake you up on your gracious offer.Like a polite gentleman, you remain hard for me. You keepyour organ hard and long for my viewing enjoyment. It isas though I am getting a personalized strip show, but ashow with a hard man.“Like it this way better?” I watch as you turn to give mea side profile. “Or like this?” You turn in the oppositedirection to allow me to gaze upon the other side.I. Almost immediately Ian's eyes popped open. He looked about and saw all the girls smiling at him. He watched Patricia pull a floral print cotton dress out of her bag. Then Carol took out a pair of cotton knickers, Emily gave a pair of her knee length socks, and Muriel pitched in with a few items of jewelry for the new girl. Carol gathered the clothes and grabbed Ian's hand. "Come with me." Where we going?" he asked as a few giggles broke out about his pending new attire."To the loo," Carol.

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