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H er dark eyes burned with rage as the Clerk wrote.H ow was it that such an injustice could be committed before her? She knewonly too well her accuser...- Catalina Lacrosse, her only rival in beauty, theblonde, lithe vixen from the nearby village. Catalina, who had been jiltedin her efforts to be crowned H arvest Princess. To Solana, it had been a frivolousand childish celebration, but accepting the crown had pleased her fellow villagersand satisfied tradition, so she had borne the formalitie s w. Once inside the orderly, walled estates of the Imperial Section, I headed towards the nearest bar. Leaving my empty box, I walked inside. Off duty soldiers, merchants counting profits and servers were plentiful everywhere you looked. Then, I noticed my target. The drunken, miserable form of a noble. All others did their level best to ignore the pathetic sobbing, leaving me free to offer the man a comforting shoulder. Like many nobles, his insecurities and doubts were overblown and his whining. She is standing only two metres in front of you, holding a wooden buckets with water in each hand. Her light green summer dress reaches to her knees and has a white inlay across her upper torso. It hugs her thin body quite nicely. Her calves are covered in bisque colored socks and she is wearing a pair of brown leather shoes. She smiles at you and points with a thumb over her shoulder. “I bet he is already waiting for us. Maybe he has some of those sweet small cakes again. Those were so. It wasn't long before Kyle started to rise to the occasion again. "Want some more," he said. "I can't, my mother should be back from her day of shopping soon," I said as Kyle got a gleam in his eye and stood up and reached to pick me up. "What are you doing." I said. "Let's try it in a bed," Kyle said with a husky growl in his voice. By the time we got upstairs, Kyle was sporting a huge erection again. "Which one," Kyle asked while carrying me in his strong arms. "On the left," I said as Kyle.

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