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There were rumors that my father had some extra marital relationship with a woman from Kerala and as if to confirm the rumors he remained outside for ...ost of the week. It did not took me long to realize that my mother is using all her club activities as a positive diversion from the mental turmoil she was undergoing because of her unfaithful husband, my father. It was during a third week of June last year, a typical Mumbai monsoon day that changed the lives of me and my mother altogether. Being. Sarah was giggling like crazy, “Don’t be sorry, Jerry, the question is, did you like the taste?”“Umm, well, I swallowed so fast I didn’t really get much of a taste. Can I do it again? You don’t mind?”“Heck no, just make sure you leave some for the babies!”He carefully latched on to Sarah’s nipple and sucked, much softer this time. Sarah smirked, “You aren’t gonna get much like that! Suck it like you want your cock sucked!”After pulling away and grinning at her, he went for the gold! He was in. He was bitter and cruel to them. It’s hard to consider the ones that live through their night with him the lucky ones, considering the condition they are left in. This though, will give Vix almost complete Mastery and control over everything outside the Palace. Commander Vix already has plans to take full advantage of this situation, and will quickly set up “Offices” in many of the major cities each with a private area to experiment with these Asian women. These Dungeons, as they are. She emerged from the bathroom, her body slightly glistening."So...not done with me huh?", she said with a smirk as she walked toward the bed, eventually laying on her side next to me and giving my cock a few strokes.I just shook my head, leaned down and gave her a passionate peck on the lips. That peck turned into a series of pecks, starting from her lips, running down her neck, down to her tits to her perfect and now erect nipples, leading all the way down her body until I reached my goal just.

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