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. especially since mycircumstances are so fantastic." Uh huh... you know Jack; you seem to have calmed down awfully quickly.You were the one needing t... be consoled not to long ago. Do you thinkthat's odd?" Nah. I think it just feels better to be talking about it. What aboutyou? What do you think about all of this?" I think I'm loosing my husband. No, no, no... I know you haven't goneanywhere, but I still feel kind of lonely. Does that make any sense?" Come here."Jack opened his arms in a. “You know, it’s a wonder my parents hadn’t caught us, but we always heard them coming when they came to check up on us.”Dessie stared at her husband with a grin tickling her lips. “Early on, your mother, very discreetly, asked me if I were on the pill.”“She what?” Philip hissed out, his face going red.“A couple of years back, she told me that she and your Dad still made ‘occasional forays’ into those woods,” Dessie returned with a grin.“Oh, shit. TMI,” he hissed out, “but that little stream. I leaned in and kissed her, knowing she could smell her own aroma on my mouth as I tasted her and my own combined nectar. She hungrily tongue danced with me, showing how much she had enjoyed our mutual pleasure.As I peeked out from between the sleeper curtains, I saw the sunlight pouring down. I knew I'd have to put my hammer down to get my load delivered before quitting time at the steel distributor. We hastily got dressed and went inside, making a potty break and grabbing some snacks and two. I had this girl friend, Carol Sumter. We were juniors and this was the last dance before we graduated to be seniors. I had never learned to do the fast dances. I just was not that coordinated on the dance floor. Sure I could do the moves, but they were never in time with the music, so I looked like I was having a fit. I did know how to slow dance and my cousin taught me. She tried and tried to get me to fast dance and I just couldn’t get the hang of it.Anyway at the junior prom I took Carol and.

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