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Over the past month Bert, Ted, and even Randy had started developing muscles. They were nowhere near the ones Mr. Jenkins or Ray-ray sported. In the s...ower spray, those muscles flexed. Often their cocks sported stiffies.Tonight, Maggie liked the shape of the butts the best. Wiping her mound brought a tiny shudder. Maggie realized no one was watching her. She stroked the hooded part in the middle. Leslie had called it her clit. Another shudder shook her bodily. Turning to prop her head on the. "You don't have to worry about that," he said. "There's a new cop patrolling this area. He's fine with this." Sam realized his meaning. This guy was a cop. He walked closer and stood intimidatingly close to Sam. Sam felt his pulse racing."So?" Ray said.Ray took Sam's hand and pressed against his crotch. "You feel that?" he asked, intensely.Sam bit his lip and nodded, now firmly grasping the huge bulge in Ray's shorts."You want it, don't you?" Ray stated more than asked."Oh yeah." Get on your. Without a word she opened her lipstick covered mouth and took the head of his cock between her lips sucking it greedily. Mike pushed her over on to her back so that her bald pussy was exposed, boy did she have a good waxing salon and I made a note to self to ask for the number afterwards. Mike moved his hand between her legs and Oona let out a huge groan muffled by the big dick in her mouth. Olly and I were now sat mouths open at what was unfolding before our very eyes but loving the sight of. It made sense in my mind that a dominatrix could do this to me, but not my innocent looking wife. Madam L., as always, read my mind. "Tweak, don't for a second think that I am not your mistress and owner. Just because I am dressed like this it doesn't mean that you aren't mine to do with as I please. You may not have a 'normal' life to lead any longer, but it doesn't mean that I don't. I still have places to go and things to do. It is kind of funny, though, to see me like this and to see you.

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