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Girls ain't got peckers." "Well," I said, "how do y'all pee?" cause I really wanted to know how a body could pee without no pecker, and Betsy-Jo said,..."Easy, Wendell, we just squat down and do it like a lady." Then she said, "Only thing is I cain't show you how we do it on account of Granma McCutcheon tol' me it ain't good manners to squat down and pee in front of folks. She said y'all got to wait till their backs is turned and do it when they ain't lookin.'" Well, I said, "That's okay, Betsy.. Her wet fingers now caressed my own anus. We should have tried this sooner Amelia said. I bet you'll like it aswell as one of her digits circled my anus before gently sliding in. Once we go slowly you'll be amazed at how good it is Amelia whispered as a second finger joined the first.Amelia had a grip on me now and with her encouragement I began to fuck her ass, with Amelia guiding on the outsrtoke so her muscles grabbed at the throbbong mushroom shaped head of my cock before each hard thrust. I swear, he would hump anything. But, that's not really what I wanted to tell you." O.K. Go ahead whenever you're ready." O.K. Thanks. Well, this one night when I was 15, I was in my room working on a school project. I had all these magazines spread out on the floor And I was laying down looking at them. I was on my elbows, and my legs were spread out in a V. And I was just wearing a t-shirt and panties." Mm-hm." ​So at some point while I was laying there, Ringo came running into the room, all. "Lovely. I want to fuck it," she said."What?" I asked incredulously."I'll fuck your ass instead of making you wear the butt plug for the next4 days," she said."No, that's too much," I said."Just wait until you have to sit down with a butt plug in. You'll wishyou took my offer," she said."I can't do this anymore. Please let me go," I said."If I walk out now, I won't be coming back," she said."I understand. I just can't go where you want me to go," I said."I'll be posting your cocksucking video.

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