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I smiled, “It’s quite warm. She is a lovely woman and I am enjoying being with her. I’m new in the city and was looking for a church home. She i...vited me. We’ve been enjoying our time together.” I continued to smile but gave him “the eye.” He looked down and moved off.A couple came up and the wife asked, “How did you get to escort our girl this morning?” She asked it warmly with a bit of humor.I warmed up my look. “She asked me.” I grinned. “We were working together to find me a place to live. UsefulOne 200 ft section of nylon rope. Very UsefulAmanda's rubber dildo. I'll find some use for that.One bottle of lube. Strawberry flavored. ;-) Her favoriteOne bandana. To be used as a blindfold no doubt.With this inventory in mind, I looked up at Amanda, still smiling, and asked politely what she intended to do with this? She giggled and rolled her eyes. "Use your imagination my dear." It was almost a begging comment, as though she wanted me to take full control of this situation. She had. " What does that mean?" Steve asked her."I just mean boys do the taking," Lisa smiled. "They treat it like a victory and so they think it has to be a surrender too." I didn't surrender," I giggled. "I gave it to her." Exactly," Lisa nodded. "Your girlfriend knows it too, I bet." What kinda sense does that make?" Steve frowned. "You can't just say it didn't mean anything to you." Sorry," I shrugged with a giggle. "Hey, I'm gonna get in the back seat." Why? Watch out ... Hey..." Steve had to lean. Daddy said I felt real good and made him so happy. It did not take long for him to fuck me every day. He would find ways and places.He took me to his wood shop behind the house and there he pulled my pants down and licked my pussy then pushed his cock in me. We went there a lot and some days I would suck his cock as he fingered my hole. But daddy really loved sticking his cock in my tight hole. He had a bench in his wood shop and would pull my pants down and pull his cock out and bend me over.

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