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Yet, the potential for personal involvement was nothing if not obvious, and, with a young lady of her beauty and attraction, even very desirable. ‘...hey told me your family is Swiss. ‘Christine’ is a beautiful name for…’ I hesitated to be quite so forward, but it seemed right, ‘for a beautiful young lady. But was it Kristine,’ I gave the pronunciation a German inflection, ‘or something else?’ ‘No, my parents both spoke English as well as German, and my mother liked the name and my father. Thinking about it, we could have been dead and here we are ... innocent. Poor Jones. He should be alive ... like us. “So ... you think it’s big enough to push the RIB.”“Should be the fastest thing in the harbor. It won’t fit your davits though.”“When it’s time to leave we’ll probably sell or give it away,” Zo said.“Give?”“You have no idea who my boyfriend is, do you?” Zoe grinned, “Look up Flintkote Industries.”We had transportation from boat to shore. Transportation that wouldn’t wear out for. He is dark haired and broad shouldered, it doesn’t need a genius to figure out that in this alternate world the heir to the throne is not a secret bastard this time. And from thinking about his siblings he also realized, that time has passed differently.While in his favourite book series the heir to the throne was a measely twelve years old when the plot started, Lyonel was in fact 21. His little sister Myrcella had seen her 18th nameday earlier this year and their little brother Tommen would. .”“We could talk Mom and Dad into letting me live with my gorgeous sister!”“By George, I think he’s got it!” she said.I grabbed her and pushed her onto her bed, and started to make out with her, but she insisted I start my job looking. She also handed me a printout of the Dimolfetto Genealogy, so I could start spouting off moms, dads and cousins.We spent about thirty minutes, using her computer, to create my skills-based resume. I put my last three schools that I attended, with the most recent.

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