So 5 minutes later B asks me to join her in the hallway, I washed my hands and walked through the dining room, grabbing a Quality Street fudge on my w...y past. I popped it in my mouth as I walked into the hall. B was standing behind the front door, arms above her head taking her pj top off, her dressing gown and pj bottoms where already on the floor behind the door. Her tits looked great as they jiggled as her hair got stuck in the top, B wasn't in to trimming and her bush was large. "I want you. ஹ்ம்ம் அப்படிதாண்டி செல்லம் அஹ்ஹ்ஹ்ஹ்… என்னடி இவ்ளோ வெறியா.. ஐயோ.. என் பொண்டாட்டியா இது.. ஹம்மா… நல்லா… என் சுன்னி வளர்மதி மாமியின் புண்டையில் ஆட்டம் போடா வளர்மதி மாமி அந்த வெறியை மாமாவின் சுன்னியில் வெளி படுத்தினாள். நான் வளர்மதி மாமி இப்படி அவள் புருஷனிடமும் என்னிடமும் ரே நேரத்தில் ஒல் வாங்குவதை நினைத்து என் அடியை முரட்டுதனமாக்க வளர்மதி மாமி திணறி போனாள் அதற்க்கு மேல் சமாளிக்க முடியாதவளாய் மாமாவை படுகயரைக்கு கெஞ்சி அனுப்பி வைத்தாள். வளர்மதி மாமி:ஏன்டா என் புருஷன் இருக்கும் போது இப்படி. They were all looking at Zeenat. She was wearing a light colored cotton sari with matching blouse. Though her breasts were erect as usual through her blouse and sari pallu, Zeenat noticed none were looking at that as most males do when they first meet her . Finally looking at Guru-ji's calm eyes and listening to his soothing voice, Zeenat was getting normal and comfortable. Guru-ji: Okay Zeenat , let me introduce you to the members of my ashram. Sanjeev you have already met, the other. Let me repeat this again because it's so important.Take 30 minutes to get to know her pussy.That means trying different things for a few minutes and encouraging her to communicate. You'll likely be the first guy ever who asked her to communicate what feels good, so don't be surprised if you don't get many answers at first. Keep encouraging her to give feedback, keep trying things.But take. 30. Minutes. Or 40. Or 60. Keep learning her.Good things to try:Make out with her pussy. Put little kisses.

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