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So, I asked him, "Have you ever had sex before?" Uh, well, no, not exactly." Well, Amber, we might just have to change that, huh? Would you like two g...rls for your first time?" You're kidding, right?" No, you can have us both. What do you want, Scott?" Well, Amber, can I watch you eat out Mandy first?" Sure," as I had Mandy get up and sit on the edge of the pool while I stayed in the water in front of her."Come over here, get close so you can watch, Scott," as I spread her legs wide and gave. He dropped his balls on her chin and she could feel the shaft of his cock land between her breasts. The tip of it settled just above her belly button and she tingled in anticipation, knowing full well he was about to destroy her esophagus.Chloe opened her mouth wide and her tongue hung out as she arched her back over the side of the couch. The mammoth cock wasted no time as he pinned her neck to the couch with one hand and reach over Chloe's stomach down to her pussy. He hooked all 4 fingers. He used an anonymous cellphone and talked away from any of our bugged rooms so the FBI would hopefully not have any advance warning. The FBI had had enough time to own up to their crap by now and hadn't, so we wanted to use their failure to harm them. We wanted the Army to discover the bugs and we didn't want the FBI to have prior warning of that so they couldn't make themselves look good by owning up only once they knew they'd be caught anyway.The Engineers were perfectly willing to come back.. Shouldn't May, now, be my best friend? Logically, and even using post-'Brown vs. the Board of Education' moral standards, you are not supposed to care what is on the outside; it is what's on the inside that matters. But when it comes to men and women, logic and morality are hard to apply. "Ask yourself, how easy is it for you, if you are a healthy, normal, red-blooded American male, to ignore what is on the outside of a healthy, normal, red-blooded American female? Do you ever try to look.

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