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At the first time a saw a naked beauty of the aunty she was looking so sexy and hot.Suddenly she saw me and got up and went inside the attached bathro...m in her room. From inside she asked me that(what is the matter kiran. Why did you come in ah) i said ( aunty there is post for you, post man gave to me to give you) so she said me to wait in the hall. After few min she came out with a red nighty with loose hair and wet look on her face and lips she was looking dam sexy.She took the cover and. Hannah was unusually quiet. She still looked upset about what had happened in the pool. Once dinner was over, Hanna went into her bedroom upstairs. Patrick later followed. He got to the door of her bedroom which was closed and inside ge heard some crying. He walked in and closed the door behind him and locked it so that no one else could run in and upset the girl more. He placed a hand on her back as he sat down next to her and asked her what was wrong. Through mumbled words, Patrick was able. “Yes Daddy,” she smiled as she pulled my pants off and slid my cock out, bouncing her face. “Fuck that is a good cock, thank god,” she sighs as she licks my balls and goes up my shaft. I feel her lips and tongue swirl on my head as she dives deep onto it, taking it down her throat and sliding off with drool dripping from my shaft. “God, I needed a fucking dirty slut didn’t I” I laugh as I grab her hair and fuck her face. Hearing her take that cock, the sound drove me nuts as I saw her spit on. Although the two faithful dogs were still on hand should she need them, she was becoming accustomed to the stars above her at night and the wild open spaces around her by day. The work she had been perforce obliged to do had caused her delicate frame to fill out amazingly and she was beginning to resemble the sturdy Martha and possess some of that girl's robust strength, though without losing any of that elusive fragile charm that had driven many a man wild before now. If only her darling.

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