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I love her abilities, even if I did try to tone her down a bit.***On our 7th anniversary (The k**s were now 3 and 5) we stopped in at the 10th Avenue ...dult Book Store down town to look around. You know how it is, after having sex with each other for 7 years, we were looking for new experiences and thought some toys might be fun.Anyway, once we entered the store, right off we guys going in the back. It was dark back there past all the x-rated videos and sex toys. Wendy was curious and wanted to. Chuck shook intentionally to get the lust out of his system, stood up, stretched, then slapped my worn ass as he walked into the bathroom to get dressed. I rolled onto my back to see Johnson heading towards me. He picked me up and asked which room was my bedroom. I told him and he took me there, laid me on the bed and gave me both a moist towel and a dry one. "I'll clean your parents' bedroom while you rest here, son, okay?" I replied sheepishly, "Yes, Daddy." He left my bedroom as Chuck came. I stepped closer to her. She put some shower gel in her hand and took hold of my shaft, rubbing her fingers up and down the length of it. The touch of her delicate little hand around my circumference was ecstatic. When I first felt her nails tickling my balls I thought I was about to cum. She squeezed the tip of my cock, forming an ‘O’ between her index finger and thumb, and then pulled her hand down downwards and back upwards rhythmically, simulating penetration. I closed my eyes and imagined. Doch zuerst musste sie passend eingekleidet sein schnell zog sie sich ihren Latex-BH an, sie liebte dieses Teil, weil es L?cher f?r die Nippel hatte und sehr eng sa? so dass ihre Br?ste eng zusammen gepresst wurden. Beim Blick nach unten bemerkte Alice sofort dass ihre Nippel sofort steif wurden, das wunderte sie nicht sie mochte das Gef?hl von Latex auf ihrer Haut. Das N?chste sollte ihr zweites neues Spielzeug sein, ein Analst?psel den man mittels einer Pumpe aufblasen konnte, heute wollte.

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