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At first there was pain, intense pain, and I was on the verge of hollering at him to stop when the paid faded and a pleasurable feeling took over. In ...he end (again - no pun intended) I learned to love anal sex and it became a permanent part of our sex life.Next came what I call Ryan's 'weirdness' phase. He wanted to try what he called 'watersports' and he finally talked me into straddling him while he was in the bathtub and pissing all over him. He decided that he didn't like it, but that I. Only when she said that the winner would take all did I understand that perhaps she had designs on Andy, our chess master. John, dirty man that he is, immediately suggested that the runner up would watch. Cindy was game. It was going to be my first tournament, while John knew a lot about chess and on a good day could win against anybody. Andy was strangely subdued. He won his first game but had to work. I was sure that I lost in the opening but I kept playing and I won. John was telling me. The last thing I remembered was them putting the gas mask on me, then blackness. I woke up laying on my back, feeling weak and sore. I glanced down to mychest, and could see it bulging upward, but it was covered in gauze bandages, soI couldn't really see my breasts yet. There would be time though. I went back to sleep... It took several days to recover to the point where I could take off the bandages and move around without pain. I hadn't counted on the pain of recovery,but the results were. I told her that I’d keep every thing quite if she would convince her daughter to sleep with me in my room. She gave me a big NO. She refused that offer and told me that she will give me money not her daughter. I didn’t want money I wanted sex. So I asked her to give me oral sex when ever I wanted in exchange for the secret. She didn’t say anything for a while but then she said ok. She agreed to give me oral sex when ever I wanted. I still wanted to have sex with her daughter but that night her.

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