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I was just unwinding from the mounted stress and the day went away just like that. Had a few smokes at night listened to some music and went to sleep ...fter a big dinner. The next day was almost the same..the third day was a disaster. The electricity was out all day. I went for a swim and stayed in the water for 2 hours. Then i got tired and got out of the pool and it still was much too hot. I was alone and i had no idea where tanzina was. I placed my towel on clean patch of grass laid there. Something about thanking him for his help at the office. May I speak to your husband now please?"Susan fell face down on the couch shaking as she sobbed.Seconds later she heard some one shouting over the phone but she couldn't make out what was said. The voice on the phone went on for sometime excitedly and then finally Early spoke up."John, you destroyed my marriage to Susan with her help of course. Maybe even with her insistence. But it took both of you. Please don't deny it.Susan admitted. Her best friend Charesse, who lived a few doors down, was next to her leafing through a teen fashion magazine. Charesse was similar in stature to Kitten, although her breasts were fuller and she had curly blond hair that fell just below her ears.Although it had been sixteen hours since she had left Mr. Grey’s bed, Kitten still felt tingly from mating with him. She squirmed once in a while when feeling the last remnants of his semen seeping out of her and soaking into the pad she had placed in. Main- nahi yaar amol mera bikul mood nahi haiyaar. Main nahi aana chahta hu.Amol- tu please yaar humare sath chalna yaar mainakela kya karuga please chal na yaar. Amol ke papa ne amol se phone le liya aur.Uncle- beta humare sath chal amol ko bhicompany mil jayegi. Tu apni Scorpio lekar aayega to apni jane ki problem bhikhatam ho jayegi. Aur uncle aura mol bohat force kar rahe the. To maine bhi hakah diya. Dusare din 9 baje main tayar ho gaya aur maine black shirt blackjeans aur red tie pahen.

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