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Then she began to slowly bounce up and down on his rock hard black length. He was gentle with her as he let her make all the moves. However, as she to move faster he began to lift his hips upward to meet her strokes. He got faster and faster with this drive until he was eventually pounding into her making her scream with each stroke as his balls slapped her pussy. With a lightness of a feather he grabbed her and flipped her on her back. Pushed her ankles to her head and fucked her hard. “Oh my, you are a naughty boy” she said with a mischievous grin. “Put it on.” I said.“Okay, I’ll be right back” She replied as she started for the bathroom.“No. Right here. I want to watch.” “Not here. I’ll be right back.” She said.“No. Right here.” I said firmly. She stopped. “Okay.” She said. “There are no panties.” She observed.“That’s because I don’t want you wearing panties.” She grinned and began to slowly unbutton her top. She locked her gaze on me as she kept going. Her shirt fell on. ‘You were right about this stupid bathing suit. It’s cute until it gets wet. Then you can see right through it! Boys were staring at me and they could see everything!’ Amber finished her confession and collapsed in tears, sobbing as she leaned against her mother for support. ‘Now, now dear,’ her mother cooed. ‘It’s not that terrible. I’m sure it looks worse to you than it really is. Even if the boys could see right through your suit, all they could see was your beautiful body. Be thankful you. At times he made me feel innocent, and feeble on experience. My mind was erased from reality until the room filled with smoke. It all became so real. I squirmed at my horniness. In the back of my mind I thought, “He knows my deepest darkest secrets, he can do anything with them…he knows what I like.” He moved towards me and mumbled a soft kiss in the seam my neck, “I love you”. I got nervous at the lost of reality. I pulled away from him and watched his eyes flicker under the dim light of the.

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