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I was passed the phone and the two horny cocks now had me stood in their large entrance hall totally naked, on the phone to their dad, and they were a...ain groping and touching my body causing me to moan and shake.I cleared my voice and said hi Charles is everything OK.Charles laughed down the phone and said yes it looks like everything is going great. I said what do you mean, Charles then said I have sent you a video message, check your mobile when you get to the bedroom and then call me back.I. "I don'tanticipate you needing either of these items, remember you just camefrom a conjugal visit those will add authenticity to your disguise."She then added her wooden number chip.George hated to but had to ask, "What happens if the guards stop you anddemand your numbered card?" I'll simply tell them I forgot it in your cell. Then I will come backhere and we will figure out something to do. Now relax nothing is goingto go wrong. My plan is perfect. I have thought of everything."Bragged. He starts to unbutton my blouse. "Do you trust me Kim?" he asks. I nod. He unbuttons the next button. "Do you still trust me?" he asks. I nod again. Now my bra is showing. He makes it to the next button. "Trust me?" I nod. He pulls my blouse open enough to expose my breasts. He flips the hook on the front of my bra and just that fast it is open. My nipples are hard as rocks. He takes his thumbs and rolls them over my nipples. "What do you want Kim?" he asks. I moan. He lowers his face close to. Tonight, he found himself lying in a strange bed, in a strange hotel, some 500 miles from home.Pretending to be asleep, Jeff lay there in silence, watching what was happening a few away in the next bed over. While the lights in the room were off, the light coming in from the streetlamp proved adequate.“What are you doing?” “Get back in your own bed!” “Stop it!” While his mom was trying to whisper, being so close allowed Jeff to hear everything.Jeff’s mom wasn’t alone in her bed. Another.

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