I was loving it, I felt so sexy, and I was buzzing with excitement and lust, my desire for sex stronger than ever. I could feel the familiar electric ...ingle and ache in my crotch, and I was getting very wet. Carol's eyes flicked from my tits to my pussy and back again. Then she just stared up my skirt, I knew I had her hooked, it looked like the gossip might be true after all. Carol started to squirm a little on the chair, the wine had reduced her inhibitions and my little pussy show had turned. I live to serve and I let them have all they wanted. It even seemed to me like I got a second wind about half way through. I ended up with Rose snuggled up to one side of me and Catla on the other. It was only logical since they'd both had an early ride and then they ended up being the last two too.We'd hit the hay early and so we were all up before the crack of dawn. Rose recommended a communal shower for all of us at once and I was happy to wash every titty I saw.They beat me dry and dressed. As we finished packing in our bedroom, she said, “Richard, when we made this decision to take Carole with us on our holiday, do you remember why we asked her?”“Yes, of course I do. It was about taking her mind off everything.”“That’s good, Richard.” Sally’s piercing stare could have gone straight through me. “You know, we really must give her a good time.”“I totally agree, Sally.”She nodded. “And that means, Richard that if you have to fuck her to make sure she has a good time, then fuck her. . " Tess said"And..." the wizard smiled..."Jessica thinks Tori and Rick are two different people...she thinks herwish has not been altered. Something that can be used to our advantage"Tess said."Tess, clever girl...heres something for you" The wizard said"No thanks...I want to make it there on my own. Thanks all the same."Tess told him."Interesting...whenever you change your mind let me know." The wizardsmiled as Tess left the shop."Boss I cant believe it! Someone who honestly deserves your.

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