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“Oh you want me to talk dirty don’t you” she says, working out what I meant. “Ok darling, take that big cock and stick it in my cunt and fuck ...e” she is yelling now. I tell her to knell on the couch facing the wall. She quickly turns. I step forward and she screams “Fuck me you bastard. Fuck my like a slut” and I rammed my cock balls deep with one thrust. She screams “yes that is what I want. A big cock. Now fuck me”. I began to pound her vigorously as she gripped the back of the couch and. Am I feeling her touch? Or do I desire it so intensely that I imagine it, and her finger is tracing a line through the air instead?No, no – it’s real! Every nerve-ending that I have is hyper-tuned for this moment – as ... aaaahhh!! ... as ... mmmmnn ... oh, oh! ... AAHH, OHMIGOD!Her teasing fingertip has found my clitoris, and on this it rests, with the least, the barest, the slightest, the lightest touch ...AAAAAHHH!! AHH, FUCK ME – YES, FUCKMEEEE!!I cry out brokenly as I shudder in. He drew away smiling and leaned down to pick up his bag where he dropped it next to the door. He put his arm around my back and drew me to him for one more kiss before he wandered into the next room. I leaned my head back against the door and smiled. This was going to be a great weekend. A few hours later we sat together on the couch, some crime show reruns played across the television screen and the remains of our pizza sat on the crooked coffee table. I “casually” slid the tips of my fingers. I know many things. My spies are everywhere.”“So you’re the one who told Elenwen to have her agents waiting at the shrine.”“I’ll make this very simple for you. You’re seen things one should not see. We keep a constant vigil against those who practice the vile arts of necromancy.”“Ah, so now I’m a necromancer. I see where this is going.”“I myself know it’s all a terrible, terrible misunderstanding. I’m quite sure you’re innocent in all this.”“Sure you are. What happened, I’m too close to Elisif.

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