"Can I see the bottom of your swimsuit?" I asked.Mom looked at me with a mischievous smile. Uncrossing her legs, she spread her legs wide open for me ...o see.There it was: her beautiful pussy, with the slingshot lodged in between her cameltoe lips. I had seen my girlfriend's pussy before but for some reason, my mom's pussy just seemed so much more succulent, so much more delicious, so much more desirable. Immediately, I reached in between her spread legs and slid my finger into her pussy. She. "It will ease soon! I promise it will be over soon!"The lump was now nearly as big as her fist. "Knife!" she gasped through gritted teeth. "Get me a blade!"The cat ran as if the demons of Hell were hot on her heels and slipped effortlessly through the bars of the cage. "Hold on Mercy! Please hold on!" It seemed like hours, but the cat returned only moments later. A tiny but gleaming knife was gripped carefully in her teeth. "Scalpel!" she announced as she dropped it into the human's hand. "It. It was great.After fifteen minutes of this she said it was enough, and she was going to take a shower. She said the first to come on her could join her. Hurrah! That had been me. The others reluctantly pulled up their pants and went in search of fresh poontang and more suds. I took her little hand, leaving all my clothes behind, and took her to my room in which, as a senior, I had my own shower.We both laughed when we got in the shower and noticed our red matching short and curlies. I was still. Well, the only one she knew of, that is. True, it would be one of her daughters ascending to the throne, but really it would be hers to control.The first day of the week in the kingdom of Tarra was a holy day of obligation and so the temple was full of the faithful. The Most Blessed Mother was just finishing a sermon on the evils of male autonomy when the eternal flame behind her flared brightly. All present in the temple genuflected before the living flame as the Most Blessed Mother turned and.

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