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And a hand went to my crotch and massaged my hard on through my pants. She started to undo my belt, unbutton my jeans and lower my zipper. “Stand up...and let me return the favor!”I stood up and turned sideways to the mirror to offer an unobstructed view to the voyeurs. Hannah slid my pants down and I stepped out of them. As she pulled down my shorts she leaned forward and kissed my cock. “Oh you do smell like you’ve been naughty!” When my shorts were off she moved her hands to my dick she. Our lips got locked and we were sucking each other madly. Along with kissing his hands moved over my blouse and he started pressing my swollen breast. I was also enjoying his young touches. Now his face moved toward my blouse so he removed my saree and started licking my cleavage. I helped him in removing my blouse so that we can enjoy properly. He removed my bra and started sucking my nipples. I was getting wet under my thighs. He continued this for long time and he reached my naval. We did. So I started to play with her ass rubbing her with my fingers I was running my fingers up and down her crack through her panties they were soaked to the point of dripping. Man was she wound up pulled off her panties , thank god she wore a skirt I berried my face in her sweet ass and just licked for all I was worth she moaned soft at first then with more of a growl. As I licked deeper in her sweet puss the sweet taste was unbeleveable.Mike was really getting into it I could hear him saying some. She immediately stopped rubbing and said, "That’s enough. I'm too tired. Goodnight." I tried to roll over and show her how hard she had made me, but before I could, she was down the hall and in her bedroom. I started stroking my cock, thinking how close I came to having her hot hand wrapped around me. After I shot four hot streams of cum on my chest and stomach, I went to her bedroom door and I heard the buzz of her vibrator. I tried the doorknob but it was locked. Out of luck again. A few.

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