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Had she not been married I might have tried being more than a friend to her, but I considered myself happy to be a good friend to her. She was pretty ...o much that I wondered how some husband could leave back their wives alone. Standing there everything going through my head, the door opens, I look at the lady and lo behold it felt like something struck me and I am standing there speechless just gazing at the gods work.She opened the gate with a smile, a pleasant smell of fragrance, a pink pearl. Almost immediately my body turned into themale in the picture. I fainted. I may have been out for hours orminutes when I woke up, my hands went to my breasts, nothing, thebiggest shock was the penis between my legs where my pussy should be.Standing up I went to the big mirror on the wall, there was, looking atme, the ideal man, the man in the magazine. I couldn't take my eyes offthe penis, circumcised it must have been 10 inches long and it wasn'teven erect. I started to think as a female, then. The turning of the three locks on the door."You bastard," she said under her breath coming out of the silly poseshe had been holding for him. "It's been five years. What have I doneto deserve this?" Olivia yelled.Olivia hurried to the windows that were all barred."Hope you enjoyed your little perverted outing you ass hole," shescreamed at the closed window as the man drove off.Olivia didn't even know who the man was. It was the first time shehad met him. A friend of her sadistic husband's no. Thinking a moment he began to feel the energy of the BLEMS, hmmm if when the spider creatures attacked he could change their energy signature, then they might have a chance. This though Ray thought was going to take a lot of planning. Calling the BLEMS, he began to question them about a great many things, he could feel the attitude of the BLEMS starting to change about him. Finally hours (it seemed to Ray) later Ray thought he might just have a plan to possibly stop the invaders dead in their.

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