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I mean, coming from being a complete beginner, and the improvementyou've shown in only a few weeks, it's incredible, I've only ever had afew girls who...picked it up this quickly. I think you've got a future incheerleading. I don't suppose there's any chance of you joining our team,is there?" Coach Roberts asked."Sorry, coach, but once summer is over I'm headed back home," Taylorreplied. "And I'm not really looking for a future in this, I'm just herefor my friend." Still, I'd consider joining the. “Scott nooooo,” I whined again but he just came over to me pulled me out from behind the shelf. The two guys came over to us and both started touching my body like Scott was doing. “You’re right man she’s very hot,” one of the guys said as his hand held one of my breasts and he squeezed it and my nipple. It felt really intense as my breasts were becoming more tender from the pregnancy. The other guy had his hands all over my butt he was squeezing and kneading my cheeks and pulling my butt. I layed my head back and enjoyed it as she bobbed up and down on my dick and I could feel her tongue caressing my dick in her mouth she got on her knees in fornt of me and continued ans she pulled my pants down. I was in heaven and loving every second. I love to please and wanted to return the the favor so I pulled her up and we both stood In fro t of the couch I kissed her and guided her onto the couch then broke the kiss so I could pull her tights down to her ankles. I then pushed her legs. "Watch your mouth moron!" I yelled at him. I no longer felt any fatigue,only anger fueled by the anguish on Sam's face.When I bounced off the fence his face had been pressed up against thechain-link and it looked like it scratched him across the nose. He wipedhis nose and saw a bit of blood then turned to me growling, "You don'tknow who you're fucking with shrimp..."He stepped back up to the fence, which I bounced off again to which hebacked up. I laughed. "I know exactly who I'm fucking with.

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