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Her head moved with slow deliberate glides, engulfing his cock in her wet heat. Patrick grasped thick handfuls of her cascading hair, and thrust his m...nhood deep into her throat, feeling her muscles contract around the head. He jerked reflexively as slim fingers fluttered to the root of his cock, circling him as she fought not to gag around the solid thickness that filled her. Her hand began to fondle and tease his balls, the orbs tightened in pleasure as her nails scrapped across the inside of. " I replied."OK" said Jackie, undoing her belt and hoiking her jeans down, then kicking them off. She unpeeled her tee-shirt and sat down in the armchair in just her bra and panties. By now I had removed my jeans and tee-shirt and stood facing her in my briefs. I was about to lower them, but she asked me not to."I want to see your hardon inside them while you play with yourself."I started fondling my rapidly stiffening cock through the pale blue material, watching her eyes focused intensely. The pictures were being taken on the grass in a rose garden by a babbling brook near the city's downtown — an oasis of nature in the heart of a modern business district. The rules of this park were simple: no shoes on the grass, bare feet only. The park workers found that people tended to walk more delicately on the lawn when their feet were unshod.In the past two months she'd done at least half a dozen of these weddings: entire wedding party nude, often including the minister and both the. I figured it was the least I could do to repay him for taking such good care of Sandra when I wasn't around. When we got to the cabin, Mark and the girls hadn't arrived yet. We went in, and I headed for the coffee pot and she went to her bedroom. I heard the shower come on. I brewed a pot of coffee and sat down at the table. I heard the girls coming up the steps before they ever got into the house. They were both yelling about eating Chinese as they headed for their bedrooms. Mark came into the.

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