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As they're in a déjà vu with each other, then proximity should've increased in range and resolution to be consistent with 320 minds being in the lin.... Proximity hadn't improved, so we knew duplication hadn't happened.To be logically complete, there is a possibility that the Duplication might have happened but our abilities hadn't increased because repeats of the same mind don't increase abilities, but if that was the case then that might as well be considered as the Proportion possibility. “Hi Robbie, thanks for coming back” she smiles standing up to grab a chair.I silently walk over and take the seat she is offering me next to hers at her desk. “This is kind of difficult to say Robbie but do you know why I brought you back here?”“Not a clue Miss Davidson” I genuinely don’t.“Please, call me Laura.” She offers a weak smile. “Well ok thank you for submitting your USB stick with the project on it.” There’s a pause as she shifts uncomfortably in her seat. “Are you aware there was. She held onto my neck with one arm and reached down with the other. Within seconds I was dangerously hard. I lowered her body down so my cock could get inside her. She guided it to the opening. I perched her on my cock, the head already halfway in her. I swear, I could have let go of her entirely and she could have balanced on my cock like that. I realized her thirteen year old pussy was not about to take my six inches without some coercion. I got her to hang onto the bar in the shower as I . " Yeah, goodbye," Connie explained. "Goodbye to you." Connie, I'm not going anywhere." You didn't just get fired?" Fired?" Julie said, now even more confused. "I didn't get fired, in fact, I was just promoted. They're giving me Doug Clarke's job. He's going to retire now instead of next year." They gave you what?" Connie said in shock. "I can't believe that. Not when I've been fucking that old man twice a week for months."The look that appeared on Connie's face a second later told Julie that.

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