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End of story.Anyway, Bobbie sat silently, listening to my tale. I onlystopped talking when the waitress brought our order to the tableand, when she le...t, I continued. Bobbie continued listening,saying nothing but nodding her head at different points duringmy soliloquy. When I finished, our food had been eaten and wewere finishing our beverages and having a cigarette. I looked ather and she seemed to be studying me, rather intently. I finallysaid,"Well, say SOMETHING, Bobbie! I mean, I know you. So i decided to take chance…I asked her simple questions about her family and studies…. after that i asked her weather she have any bfs…..she told no….i asked she likes any one….she told nothing…just shaked her head saying no….and she inqiured same thing with me….my answers were also like her…..She was looking very sexy in skirt and top…i told her that”you are looking very beautiful and i want a girl frnd like her…” she smiled told nothing….after that….i just took her hand in my hand… she told. -----Catch the feelingwe currentlylive in a worldruled by the anti the depressant and/or anti the anxietymed/d**ghint,imonot neededlet them go.depressed. 'bitch, please'so you have some feelings.have them. angry through simple frustration.condition: human syndromeif you feel you are depressed.good for you.if you want things to change.simpleyou've got to changedo the work.take a 'pivot'face that new direction and never look backsoonyou'll discoverwhat depression?if you feel like killing. Back at Uni she had been a club monster and was out dancing two or three times per week. She had also burned a lot of her energy at that time with sex.Chloe was the opposite of Sean in that regard. Her tomboy personality had led her to get on well with boys and she quickly found that boys were attracted to girls who could play along with their games. Mixed with her natural good looks she found that she was never short of male attention and from the point of losing her virginity she had enjoyed.

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