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I knew that I had to act responsibly for Mum’s sake but I sometimes got really pissed off with it all and started acting up in the way the teenage b...ys do, drinking, smoking and getting into scrapes, we even had the police round once because me and a mate got picked up for kicking bins over in the shopping mall, and swearing at the security blokes. My school work had gone to crap but I didn’t have the guts to upset Mum by telling her that I wanted to duck out of my A levels, leave school and. Debbie began to take my clothes off. Until then I didn't even realize I was still fully clothed. She had me naked in no time and got down on her knees and began to suck me like I had Jim. She didn't stay down there long, though. Standing up, Debbie said "I don't want you to cum yet. There's more fun to be had tonight."I began unbuttoning Debbie's blouse and pants. My hand grazed her panties and they were soaked through. I took off her bra and she slid off her panties. We collapsed on the bed. Also, did you really need to include all the sex?" Ha!" Nick laughed. "You're both old enough to know your parents dothings with each other to show their love. And besides, the walls in ourhouse aren't that thick - we know pretty much everything the two of youhave ever done in your rooms with various boyfriends and girlfriends." Headded with a grin. Both kids had the decency to blush at being caught outand Kim quickly changed the subject."OK, there's still more to tell though, like what. "Hurry," she pleaded as he tied her across the rail again.Her sex was bloated and wet. Her hips twitched. "Fuck me good, Charlie. Fuck me good," she demanded. His strong hands seized her by the hip bones as he rutted into her. "Oh, God. Oh, God." No human but Charlie heard her screams as he wrung orgasm after orgasm from her before filling her with his sperm.He undid her ropes, put his arm around her, and led her to his bedroom. "You 'll sleep in here from now on," he said. He tugged her hair.

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