I put my arms around her neck and felt our breasts push together. Our tongues fought each other quickly in our mouths as we hugged tighter. I felt the...soft flesh of her breasts flatten against mine. Her mouth had a sweet minty taste as if she sucked on peppermint candy. I kissed her mouth lovingly, wanting to taste her saliva. After we broke our kiss regretfully, Miss Morgan sat in her chair, brushing her short lustrous black hair back. I was about to sit in the other chair when I saw her pat. I saw the clothes and knew the inevitablewas coming, yet I could not bring myself to just shuck my male clothesand eagerly wear a dress. I couldn't. Mom and I traded stares for amoment, then she came over and hugged me."Sooner or later you will have to wear them honey, and you know it.Those breasts of yours will get bigger, and there will be no hidingthem. Lets just try it and see how you look. Okay?"Mom stayed put as I gave in and slowly undressed. Then, for the firsttime, mom saw the breasts. I just moaned around his cock in response.Mike pulled his cock out of my mouth and pulled me to my feet. He scooped me up in his arms and carried me upstairs and laid me onto my bed.He crawled onto the bed with me and got between my legs. He unsnapped the crotch of my teddy. He lifted my legs and started to push against my ass. "No Mike please use some lube I pleaded."He smiled at me and said he was just so turned on and wanted to fuck me so bad that he had forgotten to do that. he then spit. "Oh, I'm not going to say anything except to buckle up, that goes for you in the back too," I said loudly.After everyone was buckled up, I pulled back on the yoke and headed straight up. These flyers weren't really good for space travel but they worked. They were much to slow for space but would work for show and tell. Maxine was holding her breath as we exited the atmosphere; I headed to the area of the last battle and stopped."OK, tell me what you see?" I asked."This can't be true, it makes.

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