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The bus ride for me was an adventure in it's self and when we pulled into the termial, there was Aunt Lelie with Lynda my cousin who was almost 15. I shaking when iI left the bus but calmed down with warm greetings from them with Lynda telling me all about the animals they had. A twenty minute ride and tthere were at the farm. This is certaunly not like the city, wide open spaces, no other house in site and it smells differant too, I like this. "Come on" Lynda said "I'll show you the barn". All the stories I will publish will be purely fictional and won't b resemblance to any person.anyone can contact me on my email Have fun reading it and do reply me.on [email protected] my dear Iss readers I am a regular reader of ISS .This is my first story. Hope you like it. This is a real incident that happened in my life . And the best one. Let me introduce myself and my aunt(uncle's wife). I am an average guy with average sized dick. I am 18 years old. My aunt. "Amanda looks over at John, and he smiles at her seductively. She feelsher new penis start to stir and looks down and notices John's silkysmooth leg draped over her lap with his knee finding its way to her newtool between her legs. "John you sure seem to have accepted this fast. Idon't know if I'm ready for this yet; let me read the rest of thislabel."Amanda turns her attention back to the label on the box and continuesreading, "...crave their mate's seed from then on and it is the decisionof. She screamed but by this time everyone was inside so i let her scream and scream as i fingered her. Eventually she was wet and i lined up my dick with her pussy and moved forward. I felt the most amount of pleasure i ever had in my life and i quickly shoved my whole dick in it as i felt something tear inside her. I didnt care as i was inexpeirenced in sex and it felt so good i was going as fast as i could in and out of her. In my moments in heaven she slowly turned her head and swung her hand.

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