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John replaced the stack of papers into the appropriate bin. He went to the next bin and pulled out the stack of papers within it. These dealt with his...quarterly tax filing. He looked at the bottom and saw how much he had to pay. He checked the form carefully, but realized that he didn’t know enough to critique the information on the form. He picked up the telephone and called the local tax office. He made arrangements for an IRS agent to come over and double check the return as though it were. From my position I could see Rakesh’s cock stretching Prema’s pussy as he entered her. Over and over he fucked his big cock deep into my wife, thrusting deep and pumping, pumping, giving her every inch of . Prema enthusiastically received his penis into her, taking his cock deep into her cunt, moving! with him, returning his thrusts, joyously working her pussy onto his hard cock, her inner labial lips clinging to the shaft of his penis. She was loving it, her pussy was gushing her wetness as. “Through that door and down the stairs with you. You’re going to the basement to learn your lesson.”Dan preceded her down the stairs, glancing back once. Dorothea pointed downstairs imperiously. At the bottom, he gaped, eyes wide as he took in the wheel, the St. Andrew’s cross, the spanking benches and the array of punishment implements on the wall.Dorothea gave him little time to gawk. She slapped his face, noting the momentary flash of anger in his eyes. “My disrespect pisses you off, doesn’t. You turned it into a week of purecommercialism and vanity, you ignored the meaning of tolerance andunderstanding. The only one this week who has shown any realunderstanding of this week is our great-grandson. This tradition endsnow."She was fiery. For a woman in her 90s she acted like a person in her 60sor even younger. Cheers went up from around the auditorium as the oncesilent majority started to speak. The one person who I had hoped wouldcheer the most was silent. I saw Parker in tears.As.

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