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Emma looked at him, mouth open. "Of course I do! Stop trying to distract me!" She shot him once again."Have you ever had sex?" Alex smirked, staring Emma's blue eyes that were staring at the screen."None of your fucking business!" Oh, okay, I thought you had. Obviously not."Emma smacked him playfully on the arm. "Well then you'd be fucking right. I'm only 13, asshole." She gave Alex the tongue, and continued playing.Alex retreated a little after that statement. She was right, at 13 she. I wonder why this slut married a loser like you?” Mary blushed behind the scarf. She softly moaned and was hoping no one could hear her. Frank’s fingers pounding inside her began to arouse her. She knew it was a bad thing, she knew Tom was watching and was not liking this, she knew it was Frank who was ramming his fingers inside her, but she simply couldn't help it. With each slam of Frank’s fingers she got more aroused, until the point that she actually got horny. Frank pushed a third finger. " I wasrelieved that my mother-in-law would not be joining us in the bedroom,but she did stand near the stairs so that she could look up my skirt as Iwent up carefully in my unaccustomed heels. Once in the bedroom, Alicegave me a big hug. Then she gave me a long kiss, her tongue pushing intomy mouth while she fondled my knicker-clad bottom. It made me feel verygirly - a hand was up my skirt and a tongue was penetrating my willingbody... Alice told me to sit on the bed while she undressed. When. I can never forget that night, though I do wonder how the notion came to me. You had been waiting for me to come home. I had phoned you, telling you to be naked and to have your bottom lubricated. I’m sure you thought I intended to take you roughly when I got home. We had, after all, made rough sex a regular part of our marital activities. But I had a surprise for you instead. You greeted my with a huge smile. You were excited and expecting. When we entered the living room I bent you over the.

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