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Ani mi haluch tichi kiss ghetali suruvatila tine thoda virodha kela jo ki normal ahe pan nantar ti achanak garam jhali ani mala suddha satha deun laga...i mi panTihcha oth chupun chupun lal karat hoto majha ek hat tihchya left ballvar hota ani ek maxivarun tichi pucchirani cholat hota. Mast tichya manunka mi kuskarat hoto ani ti ahhhhhh aiig mele gg as ordat hoti malahi thoda chetAla mala kahi ghai karaychi nhavati mi haluch tichi maxi var keli ani ti kadhun takali ata ti majhya samor fakt bra. He then asked if I would finish undressing. He finished undressing as I dropped my shorts. He walked over and removed my underwear for me. I was so eager to drop back down to my knees that I forgot to take my shoes off. After a few more minutes of sucking his dick he told he wanted to fuck me. I wasn't ready, I didn't know if it would hurt. He could tell that I wasn't ready so he told me there wasn't any rush. He asked me to lay on the bed so he could help me relax. He sat beside me and. I explained how the nipple needed to be gently stimulated to erection to get the milk to flow, the basic mechanics of breastfeeding, and demonstrated the proper method of breast massage to aid milk flow. I was trying to be as clinical as possible to ward off the sense of arousal that was growing in the back of my mind. Kate stared at my breasts unblinking, like a deer in headlights during my little presentation. I hoped that I was not traumatizing the poor girl. “Does that all make sense?” I. With that said, the guest one by one left the party. This whole time I was still in my room trying to think why Michael would say the shit that he said. I did not realize it but I smoked about 17 cigarettes in a thirty-minuet time span. My room was full of smoke and I knew that tomorrow my room would stink of cigarette smoke, but I did not care at this time. I heard the front door shut and about two minuets later someone was knocking on my bedroom door. I got up to unlock it and Brad.

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