“You’re such a good slave – you know that?” She asked as her body untangled itself from his. Her hips swayed gorgeously as she walked to the o...her side of the room, ordering him, “Don’t touch yourself, yet. I’ll tell you when you can continue rubbing that glorious cock Slave.” The snow white skin of her ass glowed against the black high heels that carried her to a seat directly across from him. His eyes drank her form in as she daintily sat down on the saucer chair, her thighs sealed together. His loosely fitting boxers stood out a little, I knew he was slightly excited by this but me? my 5''/6'' cock was swollen and begging to be let out. my fingers held the waistband of his boxers as I slide them down, his 7 1/2'' swollen, solid, thick cock sprung to attention, I was shocked as this was my first time I had ever seen a cock, my mouth watered at the sight of this monster cock inform of my eyes. he stood there, 'what do you think?' he says, I stand there shocked, speechless just. He didn’t even have anything he was working on, he’d just been coming because he liked talking to me!” Laura gave her boyfriend a doe-eyed look. He leaned down, and their lips locked in a soft, sweet kiss.“That’s so cute!” said Rita. She looked up at Vinnie. “Did you hear that story before? Now that’s a soap opera-level storyline.” She leaned against his arm again, letting out a happy sigh as she watched the couple on the other side of the table continue their closed-mouth kiss.“Oh my,” said. I thought about what favour he would seek from a mother but 200 rupees a day sounded too good to sit and think. I signed the agreement off and we sat for dinner. During dinner I tried to find what is the favour he wanted but never clicked me.It wasn’t long before I knew it. After the dinner I was washing the dishes in the kitchen sink. We talked about many things and after a while I again posed the question on his favour. Ramesh said ‘Do you really want to know mom?’ I said ‘yes’. Then he.

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