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Her head was amazing. As she sucked she took her my balls in her hand and began to fondle em’. I knew that if her sucking kept up that I wouldn’... be able to hold my building cum back any longer so I scooted up and felt my dick fall outta’ her mouth. With a raised eyebrow, she asked “why’d you make ‘me’ stop?” And I told her that I wanted to make her feel the way that she was making me feel. She said that that sounded wonderful, but only after I came in her mouth. I smiled and told her. I just remember that she would always get out of bed when they were done and go to the bathroom. The last night there, we came home from the gym and she handed me a brand new outfit I was to wear on the last day. It was really nice and a one piece suit that was very thin and was easy to workout in. She had me undress in front of them both and then I put it on and she reached down between my legs and put her fingers along each side of the part that is between my legs. I felt her fingers pull the. We became very close and from then we started chatting regularly and it moved to shopping outings etc. Once she told me that she likes my character a lot but she doesn’t want any relationship between us. Even I don’t like to stay in commitment since I already had a break up.So we both decided that we will enjoy the life together without any committed relationship. Later we started discussing about girls,love,sex,affairs etc. One late night conversation she asked me whether I had sex with my ex. Well…much to my surprise, Clay did not wear underwear, so when he crawled into bed next to me, he was stark naked! The room was dark, but I could still see pretty well, and I could tell he was sporting a pretty nice cock. We laid there and chit chatted for a while about his night, and some girl he met at the bar that danced with him, and made out with him for a while but decided to leave without him, which he said left him with a case of blue balls. We discussed how bad it sucked to have a.

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