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She was so tight, it was hard not to shoot my load into her right off the bat. Soon, her ass relaxed a bit and I was able to go deeper and pick up spe...d. Her moans were growing louder by the second, and I slapped her ass hard with my right hand, leaving a red mark. She cried out when I did this, but made no attempt to prevent it from happening again. Soon I was slapping her ass again and again as I thrusted faster and faster into her tight ass. I leaned forward a little, and finally pushed. For the first few minutes, all she could sense was the pain, but after his pumping had increased to a rhythmic pace and her body had grown more accustomed to the onslaught, the feelings of pleasure started emerging. Slowly at first, but as Edward adjusted his pace to her involuntary jerks and moans, it was as if the whole world disappeared. There was only Edward fucking her, driving her insane, his eyes still fixed on hers. Soon she pushed herself against him, still aware of the pain, but no. Remember that she had money, so she had the resources to find out things."While we were having our 'liquid breakfast, ' Lindsay told me what she had found out from Melissa - I had not even known her name. Once she was doing her community service, she learned that almost all the people in my old home town hated me for disturbing their balance, and punishing all the 'fine servants of the community' who had only made some 'smallish mistakes' ... like sending Lily into the hands of those predators.. It was obvious, from Mrs. Bowley's air of disdain, that even if my details were found to be squeaky clean I was not the sort of person who would fit in at Bourne Mansions.The lengthy, and quite intrusive, questions she asked were designed to "keep those who were not the right sort, or time wasters, away" she explained, obviously thinking I would discontinue the procedure rather than face further interrogation. She had asked such germane questions of a person seeking a home as; 'where had I gone.

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