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‘Here.’ She took my hands and slid them over her shoulders and down the front of the shirt to freely fondle those amazing mounds of flesh. ‘See?...There’s plenty of room.’ Without further ado, I began to shamelessly feel her up. Her breasts were still warm and slightly damp from the shower. Each nipple stiffened into my palm as she let out an appreciative sigh. ‘I don’t know whether I like your hands more where they were or where they are.’ She practically hummed in pleasure. ‘I like them where. He was on the HS Wrestling Team and worked out beautiful young man 5'10", about 160 LBS, blond very curly hair, green eyes worked out like a champ very well defined. Will give you his important measurements when I take them. I wanted him that's for Damn Sure but made no really open moves or said any thing. That next day up and 5 am and we headed to the northern edge of my property to start repairing the fence. Finished the day at about 5 pm and headed back to the house. I have a screened in. But seeing how I wasn't going to dress up on herdemand this time, I thought I could try something different. Instead ofa frilly dress, I opted for a smart charcoal grey skirt suit that hadcaught my attention a couple of days ago and I remembered wondering ifI'd feel any less hopelessly dominated by my wife if I wore somethinglike that instead of my frilly dresses. It did feel different, however,the pastel blue blouse that I paired it with, with its frilled bodiceand by revealing my teal lace. “Good afternoon ma’am,” I said, “Could I see a listing of the enchantment services that you have to offer.”The women gave me a disinterested glance, leaned down to grab something from under the counter and tossed a book towards me. I ignored her behavior and opened the book to look over her listed services to find the book completely empty.“Ma’am, I believe that you have given me the wrong book, this one doesn’t have any listed enchantments.”She glared at me and said, “Because I don’t have any!.

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