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Ms. Blond was right. I was out of options. It was either get fucked, or walk. And who knew how far the next town was? Could've been a hundred miles fo... all I knew."OK," I said. "I've never taken a cock, but I guess there's a first time for everything, right?"Ms. Blond licked her lips."Right," she said in a low, husky voice.She kicked aside her Daisy Dukes and took a step toward me. Her massive cock straightened."On your knees, bitch," she said.I did exactly as told. Ms. Blond grabbed me by the. We're needin' to up our patrols to the south. I found Thrawn himself ridin' too close for comfort. If he sees a dozen full patrols, he'll back off." I've the rank of Knight-Captain, which is far below General Danlyn's, but when Da's not there, I'm t'be obeyed as Lady o' the Keep. Not that I'd step on his toes as such. I respect him very much. So much that I stop by his office before I head up to the hall. "My Lady! Glad to see all is well, how went your patrol?" I saluted him and he returned it. Peter told me later that he had almost jabbed his thumb in his eye he was so nervous to ask me. I was flabbergasted by the situation. At that point, I had probably had two other people acknowledge I was pretty to my face.The first was a somewhat similar situation with a girl at summer camp. I caught her staring vacantly towards me in open showers. When I asked if she was alright, she told me that I looked really pretty when I reached up to touch the water flowing through my hair. We decided. Pete closed his mouth and swallowed. "How... what... ?" Sasha here challenged me one day, when she was new to the society. She had won her first two fights, and was feeling pretty damned good about herself. The problem was, the brash little brat ran her mouth all over the society, telling people I wasn't as tough as everyone thought, and that she was going to teach me a lesson by kicking my ass and making me look like a fool.Pete nodded, and was scribbling enthustiacally on his pad."But that.

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