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She was in the house and asked me what I was studying and I told her I was doing a part time college course in the evening in computer studies in the ...ope of getting a better job. She said that's great and wished me well and I headed off to college.A couple of weeks later, in college, I received a text message from an unknown number:"Hi Dave, this is Joan (your Mom's friend). I hope you don't mind but I got your number from your Mom. I know you said you were studying computers and I'm having. Here I was with my sweats down to my knees. My father in-law is sitting ten feet away, looking on as his wife has my cock in her mouth. The situation seemed too surreal and I was finding it difficult to cox my cock to an erection. “Mark, she’ll do that all day long if you let her. You may want to recover a bit.” Richard said as he picked up the channel changer for the television and began pushing buttons.Joyce must have sensed I was a bit hesitant and she let my cock slip from her mouth. “We. ”“You’re doing fine now, ummm. I have a nametag, sir. You don’t.”“Charlie. Just call me Charlie, for now.”“OK, Charlie. You’re doing fine now. Five. I get off at five, and I’d love to. You seem like a nice guy. Wuups, I need to help that lady over there. She’s trying to put her shopper card in the credit card slot instead of scanning it. I’ll see you this evening? Here? I walk to work, so it makes sense to me if it’s OK with you.”“Perfect sense. See you fivish.” I tried to tone my smile down,. I had decided to take a different approach with Joeleen for two reasons. First, I couldn’t be sure how good a subject she was from her IM replies and second, variety seemed like more fun for me. I held my hand out and led her into my suite. I had a two room suite with a large couch in the sitting room. She sat on the couch. I was trying to decide how big she was in the hips and I decided I couldn’t tell. This woman did a swell job of dressing her body if she was hippy. I decided it was show and.

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