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A. but it was her father! Yet she had met another man that she had begun to like. He owned the local bank of all things. Her father wasn’t a big fan...of his but she didn’t care since he seemed to like her little daughter as much as he liked her. It was another hot summer and Nancy was typing away with little thought other than her new boyfriend. Harry, on the other hand had found out Henry’s peek hole. There spread in front of his view was the exact duplicate of his dead wife’s pussy. The exact. Ae story 1month pehali ke hai ,mere fb per ek girl ki request aye to me heran ho gaya kyuki koi unknown girl kise ko samnese frd request nahi bejati to maine accept kiya uska naam geeta tha fir uski profile pics. Dekhi kya baatv dosto dekhane mai ek dum hot lag rahi thi maine usko mess. Kiya to usne reply kiya fir humne ek dusre ka introduction kiya fir hum daily chatting karne lage.Fir ek din main uska mobile no maga to usne pehale mera no. Send karne ko khane lagi fir maine mera no send. You are now furniture and no longer my concern. Guards, deal with her.? Birdie had no fight left in her as she was laid out in a pexi-glass ?coffin? with a funnel tube attached to her mouth. It was sealed permanently and left in front of the Mistress’s throne. She would be later attached to a fully-functioning clear toilet in the guard house. She would never be removed until she stopped ?functioning?. She could only silently watch the proceedings around her. The Mistress had Brent stop. I slowly ran my fingers through her lush hair.I was feeling content and satisfied that I could make Aditi cum multiple times. I could provide the intense sexual pleasure she has not experienced in a long time. A beautiful young lady like her deserved it.After a few minutes, Aditi looked up into my eyes. I could see a new level of confidence in her. She slowly came up to me. She started placing slow and steady kisses on my lips, cheeks, forehead, and all over my face. She was whispering ‘Thank.

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