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Riya: Fuck you chutiya I won’t it now right in me…… aaaahh woow …….I simply licked and made her come. She then went down on her knees and ga...e me a Blowjob. Woow under the shower as the water drops over you, you find your sisters hair dripping with water, busy working with your cock and what more can one ask for.Well I came in her mouth and she drank my cum I was shelled shocked to see this as although I have seen this in porn and even read about it but I was taken a back , she drank my cum and. We stepped out of the bedroom and I could hear the music. Master offered me his arm and I took it. I felt some of the male Dom’s look at me as we descended the stairs. I kept my eyes downcast. Master led me into the living room. He led me to a stage which our guests surrounded. I knelt down. ‘Today is an important day for Celeste. She has chosen on this, her 19 th birthday, to become my submissive.’ Master turned to me. ‘Celeste do you swear to honour me, to obey me and respect me?’ ‘Master,. Something to help me because I know how much you want this.”I told him: “No Bobby I need this. If you can’t see that and want to do it then we have nothing left to discuss. Look now isn’t the time to talk about it you have to get to work. But just think about this. If you want me to suck your cock and you pee down there, I don’t care I suck your cock. If you wanted me to suck it until you came in my mouth I would do that for you. Hell Bob if you wanted me to drink it all and drain all of your. Quite unfazed by getting dressed in the same room, it seemed so natural. I put on some Chino's and a Polo shirt, and Elaine pulled on a T-shirt and jeans. I noted that she didn't bother to put a bra on. Interesting!"Would you like some breakfast?" What would you have as a rule?"'Coffee and toast.' She agreed."Yes, that will be great. Can we eat in the conservatory?" I do usually."Elaine got on with the toast, while I made coffee, we finished about the same time so carried the mugs and plates.

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