Jai pulled up his pyjamas and asked me to follow him to western toilet after a minute. With out much delay i followed him, looked around and every one...was sleeping. Reached toilet and found jai inside the western style toilet and asked me to hurry in, which i did and latched the door from inside. jai came close to me and started kissing me and reached for my cock. i responded back and opened my mouth and tried to reach for his cock. i was shivering and my knees felt weak. It was a surprise. Madsen wasn't kidding that this thing was comprehensive. Hours passed, I sweated and worked until I felt numb when I finished. Surprisingly, I was the first to hand it in, in the room.'Oh well,' I thought 'I guess what I don't know helped me finish more quickly.' The other boys in the room looked strained and grim too, though, giving me a little hope.I left the room, took a left and went to go find Ms. Dobbins. It wasn't hard, but I had to stop for a second to remember to knock before I went. .I'm cummmming...I'm cummmming , please, let me ssshhowwwww my mmmassster I'mmmm cummmmingggg forrrrrrr hiimmmmm..One hand front, one hand back..hold your plugs in slut...push on them...Shamelessly groping herself, The door opens..a large, formidable figure stands completely nude and erect...he holds a leather nine - tails in one hand, and coiled rope in the other..the interior walls and ceiling painted blood red, flickering candle light from what must be hundreds of candles illuminate the. Maybe she dressed like a slut, but she was another class of woman.Her apartment didn't feel like home anymore, it felt like a reality show. She was always acting. Pretending not to care. Pretending it didn't hurt when Barry sent her a poster of the nude photo of her sister and made her hang it up over her bed or when he made her write Katie on her tits and anally fuck a bottle for the guys on the forum. She didn't cry once."I can't believe it's been two months, Nicole," Barry said one evening..

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