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I knew what we were about to do was not going to be just an all out fuck. It would be patient. We stepped back from each other and he began to undo hi... pants. I was soon looking at what would become about seven inches of hard, black cock. I did what I knew I had do to and more importantly what I wanted to do. My tongue reached out for his cock. There was nothing new or unusual about the precum that had oozed out of the head. It was just precum and it was mine to taste. After licking it off I. (Oh, fuck off!) Cas thought back at it, growling in annoyance. It was hard enough to focus on anything as it was, with the way Mercedes’ ass was milking his cock and the way Roxy’s tits were jiggling before him. He didn’t need a voice in his head egging him on, as sultry and sexy sounding as it might have been.Roaring, Cas pulled Roxy into a lip-searing kiss, slamming his cock balls-deep into Mercedes ass and reaching down to rub the brunette’s clit. As his tongue tangled with Roxy’s and his. Still petite, under a hundred pounds and not over five feet tall. Her blonde hair was more gray now. And still a bitch. I knew I could deal with her for a month or two. About the third day I was there I was looking at porn on the internet and Flo walked in on me. She got a good glimpse of what I was looking at on the computer and she got an eye full of my eight and half inch long cock. I think for a minute there Flo was speechless. Then she started in about looking at porn was bad and real. I start to feel shaky, as my bra is completely unhooked and my tits are almost exposed to Wendy’s view. ‘Let it drop.’ I do as she asks and let my bra fall down to the ground. She smiles, ‘You are getting me so horny.’ I am feeling the same way and I can feel my pants getting moist at the thought of being fucked tonight by Wendy. She grabs hold of my tits and shakes them up and down, embracing them. ‘Are you enjoying this attention, Sophie? Would you like me to fuck you?’ There is no.

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