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..If you like my stories, please subscribe, follow and send a friend request!K----->MWhen I met Kathleen she was as hot as the sun and exuded sex with...ut even trying. Her athletic legs were the perfect balance of muscular and feminine and ended, at what most men would agree, is the perfect ass. Round and firm without being large, and the perfect size for her 5'7" body.There was only one problem with Kathleen... she was married and I was was her lover on the side.Her husband Mike was a nice. The twin's relationship was a very complicated one.They had both undergone extensive psychological evaluation when they were only teenagers of 16. That was the result of having been written up as a study by their eccentric mother in a scientific journal given to sensational journalism.Their total lack of inhibitions with each other was decidedly abnormal in siblings of that age in a civilized society. Their single parent mother passed away shortly after they passed 18 and now at 19 years of. As he did so, his pose went from a modest pose to where hewas standing very straight and tall in those heels and stretching out sothe panties and bra were completely without wrinkle. He was mostcertainly very pleased with how sexy he looked and pranced with somejustifiable degree of pride. "At first I was feeling like a perverttransvestite but now I am feeling very pleased and proud of what I seeand feel." Transvestite you are not! You are a beautiful lady in ladies clothing.What you were. ’ Jane shrugged her shoulders, but then furrowed her eyebrows as she looked over at Cynara, ‘But I suspect you aren’t.’ Cynara let out a nervous little laugh, ‘No, no,’ she shook her head, ‘I’m happy if you’re happy.’ The women reached some trees as the meadow slowly turned into woods, and Cynara took a seat against and old oak, taking advantage of its shade. ‘I just want to make sure you are, happy I mean.’ ‘Of course I am,’ Jane said as she sat down next to Cynara. ‘I’ll still be able to.

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