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Bart rolled off of me and pulled a pillow over his head, and so Lana scooted over and lay there on her back, big breasts rolling to either side, a vas... expanse of white belly beneath them, and her legs slightly spread apart to reveal that inflamed pink place in between. "Mmm, do whatever you want," she said sleepily, and shut her eyes again.I grabbed one fat tit and sucked on the nipple, while my hand roamed over that broad smooth tummy and slid through the scratchy hair and then into that. He offered her the rest of his drink, and she took it. Her whole body was burning up.He kissed her on the lips and Emily let him. “Everyone should get to fuck girls that look like you. But not everyone’s that lucky.” There was no denying it anymore for Emily. Her sex was wet. “Does that sound good to you? Men lining up for you pussy?”“Yes sir.” She found herself saying softly.He kissed her again. His hand was on her ass and sliding up under her shorts. His other hand peeled her shirt off, then. My dick was stuck in her crack.Then I told her to turn to the other side and sit on my face. She was very happy. Her ass was all over my face. I licked her ass crack. Oh god, that smelled damn great. Then I bit her ass cheeks and inserted my finger in her ass and licked there too.After some time, Poornima moved back to the normal position and she took my cock in her hand and started to insert it slowly into her pussy.She inserted my dick in her pussy gently while I was squeezing her boobs. Then. Then he increased the intensity quickly until her breath became quick again and slowed back down. Over and over, he brought her to the edge of orgasm until he sensed she could not take any more. He looked up slightly, keeping his finger moving in and out of her.“You may speak, Violet.”“Please, Master… please, please, PLEASE let me cum. God, I’m going crazy, I need it. I need it now, PLEASE!”He made a few more licks and circles before he said, “Cum for me, Violet… cum NOW for your master.”She.

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