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She looked straight at him with little expression but held his gaze for a bit longer this time. Then she walked out to the lobby with her bag in her c...rt. By the time he got there, she was on a pay phone. As he walked by her he could not hear her speaking. Perhaps she was listening to a ring or just pretending to call. He walked outside. The warm summer weather had given way to dark clouds and a sudden shower. He hurried to his truck where he waited. It wasn’t long before she emerged, rolling. I grabbed the knife out of my kit. As I slid my cock into Sara, I could feel the dildo in her ass. I can feel her struggle against me. The more she struggles, the more turned on I get. As I thrust in and out, I start carving lines into Sara’s arms. The more she screams, the more I get aroused. I finish by unloading a large load of cum into Sara’s pussy. All throughout, my wife continued to photograph. My wife begins to bandage Sara’s arms. While she is doing that I begin to prepare sedative in. I tried to cover my eyes but Nathan made me watch the entire recording. It was embarrassing, but the truly horrifying thing about it was how turned on I got as I watched it. I had never seen a dirty movie before. I had always avoided movies that I knew contained sexually explicit scenes. But now, watching myself with Nathan it was all I could do to keep my fingers away from my pussy. I wanted desperately to rub my pussy while I watched this extremely erotic movie.Out of the corner of my eye I. It was so hot that I had to touch myself and get some relief before I slept again. The sun was already shining when I woke up again. Ben and I were still spooning, but he was now fully awake, his hard against my ass again his hand caressing my boob. When he sensed I was awake, he kissed the back of my neck, took his cock and started brushing my butt crack. It was hard, worm and wet. I opened my legs and with my left hand accommodated his mast between my thighs, massaging lightly my pussy. He.

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